Don't Get Stuck Paying Credit Card Fees

Set up a merchant discount rate system for your Rochester, MN business

Every time you process a credit card or another non-cash transaction, you'll pay a fee. However, you can incentivize your customers to pay with a debit card, check or cash to avoid that fee.

Panorama Promotions LLC offers cash discount programs for merchants. We can set up your payment processing system to charge an extra fee when customers use non-cash funds for payment. That way, you don't have to pay the fee out of your own profits.

Get a merchant discount rate by avoiding credit card fees. Speak with us today to learn more. We serve all of Rochester, MN.

Learn about our setup process

Avoiding credit card fees is easy with our help. To set up cash discount programs for merchants, we'll take your payment processing devices and program them to add an additional fee when credit is used. When the transaction is complete, the customer will see the higher price as a transaction fee.

Talk to our team today to set up the merchant discount rate system for your store.