Ensure That the Check Clears

We offer check guarantees in Rochester, MN

Accepting a check for payment is convenient, but it comes with the risk of a bounce. If the account doesn't have the funds, you won't get paid. Panorama Promotions LLC can ensure payment with check guarantees.

We'll provide you with a device that ensures that the customer's account has enough money to cover the transaction. If it doesn't, you'll know right away and be able to request a different form of payment. This is called a point of sale conversion.

Make sure you'll get paid by ensuring the check won't bounce. Reach out today to learn more about our check guarantees system for Rochester, MN companies.

We serve every type of business

No matter the type of products or services you provide, we're here to make the transactions simple. You can rely on us for point of sale conversion, credit card payments or other payment types for your:

Retail store

Trust a payment processor with years of experience to handle your every transaction. Connect with us now to get started.